Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Nursery

**** Update ****
With the specific dimension I wanted, we had a crib made! :) It looks similar to the Oeuf Sparrow Crib, but using rectangular wooden side rails instead of circular ones.

Oh boy, I've never really thought about having a son for my first born. Coming from a big family where women outnumber men, my knowledge for raising baby boys are close to nil. But then, he's coming in less than 3 months and so, I find myself scampering online for "little boy" things. The nursery has proven itself to be the toughest so far. The clothes are just a minor hurdle... I think.

Living in a 380 square feet, one- bedroom apartment is quite tricky. Everything in my house is organized by zones. Obviously the bedroom now is just one zone. But sooner or later, I'll have to add another baby zone there too. I've already spent quite a number sleepless nights just staring into space and thinking of the more productive way to de-clutter the space and add the nursery or baby zone in there. I've sort of figured it out already the left side is ours, the right side is his. 3 crucial things are needed for my plan to happen though...

First, I must find an efficiently sized crib that would fit in his little nook. All the standard cribs... above 50inches are out of the picture. I was hoping to find a 28"x42" low crib. That would be the ideal size. Anything smaller would just make it useless after the baby turns a year and a half. I saw these options online...

Bloombaby's Alma Mini - $328 (Ridiculously overpriced right?!)

I've never really seen the value of paying more for something smaller. And No, it's not the same as the decaffeinating process that coffee goes through when you ask for decaf. That, I understand.

Athena Mya Mini Crib - White (White) (40"W x 34"H x 26"D)

I just think the size is a little bit off. But that could be managed if we really had no other option.

What are your other suggestions dear friends? I swear, sometimes, I think I live in a box! Then, there are days when I realize the space we have is really just enough. Our rent is really cheap, dirt cheap I tell you. Like it will blow your mind away. Rent is cheap here in my country. It gives me and Mr. G a lot of opportunity to save especially now that I'm not accepting photo shoots. 

Tomorrow, I'll post about my other dilemma about the changing table and the baby's dresser. Sigh.

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