Friday, July 9, 2010


It's 9am here and my day hasn't even started. I love rainy bed weather! My holiday is halfway through... I'm not so happy that it's been raining 85% of the time that I'm here and it's really freezing cold. Not quite the winter I expected... COLD + RAIN = One Lazy Tourist.

Today, I'll be the queen of my sister's kitchen and cook this for lunch...
prosciutto and pea pasta

Today, I'll go to Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay.

Photo Courtesy of Biennale 2008 Website

Today, I'm excited that Sissy 2 is just 9 days away from coming here for her vacation! She's the "funner" sister (since Sissy 1 is married and too attached to her beautiful kid! =D)

best friends forever. by emily∞.

We'll talk over Skype and catch up. I miss her! And I can't wait!!! I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging less when she's around.

And Lastly, Today, I'll cook this for dinner... (Yes, I am the cooking diva all inspired by Masterchef!)

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  1. So glad to be a part of your day! Love it all :)


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