Thursday, June 10, 2010

on my mind, again.

I miss Sydney! It is for a fact my most favorite city in the world, and I have travelled to a lot. It has a charm that's really appealing to me, but if you ask me what, I won't be sure what exactly. I'm sharing you some photos from my trip last year.

harbour bridge and opera house by lareinalea.
View of Circular Quay from Luna Park

Morning bird from window

Carrot Cake by lareinalea.
Carrot Cake from my most favorite neighborhood restaurant (map)

love by lareinalea.
Love at Hunter Valley Gardens, NSW

  by lareinalea.
Balmoral Beach

Purples by lareinalea.
purple little flowers

Cherry Blossoms by lareinalea.
pink blossoms

Photos by ME.


  1. Yes, yes, yes Sydney's the best!!! Hee hee, I feel I can say this not actually being Aussie (there's huge rivalry between the states for their cities!!)

    Oooh have fun when you get here, so much to do as I'm sure you know! :-)

  2. Hi Anna! :-) I actually stumbled on your blog (just recently as you know) in my quest to find nice pretty stuff to buy when I'm there. Thanks!

  3. I have never been there but always wanted to visit. Your photos are very enticing. Love the little bird from you window, so cute.

  4. So many beautiful pictures! My cousin is moving to Australia later this year. I should visit her! Sounds like a wonderful place.

  5. Australia is on my bucket list. I love the ladies of Fashion and Design that I have met there, and I am intrigued with their country.
    Love that you gave me a little peek, it's so nice to meet you Lee! Can't wait to get to know you better.

  6. Thanks~ =) :) I can't wait to share some photos when I get there! =)


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