Monday, April 2, 2012

Something I Miss

I USED TO have a nail fetish. Emphasis on the USED TO. I used to have my nails done at Nail Spa every Sunday! This was before I got married, and got preggo, really just a month after I got married, I had to stop.

The last time I had my nails done was the day before my wedding wedding day when I treated all the women in my family for a spa-party! I've had ugly nails for almost 16 months! I'm still in disbelief that it's been that long!!

I'm used to having them really short now. All filed to the very shortest it can get. My cuticles that used to looooove being "pushed" are now back to virgin status. All this of course for a reason. The baby of course.

I've had weeks when I've forgotten to trim my nails and scratch his supple and sensitive skin, and I'd be so guilty.

Back in the day, Essie was my go-to polish. I'd try other brands, cheaper ones and more expensive ones and after an hour or less on it, I'd hear myself say "why the heck did I need to change my brand?". It's good. Really good. They have the best colors. They have it in almost all shades of whatever color you like. I still remember the last colors I used for my wedding... I
couldn't decide that day so I went for Mademoiselle for my hands and A-list for my toes. I wore the two cutest peep toe shoes that day. One for my walk down the aisle, and one for the reception.

I miss having long polished and perfect nails. Sigh. I might just cry now with the smell of nail polish. LOL!

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