Sunday, March 11, 2012

A quick rundown on the last 6 months!

It's been a while my dears. Lots of things happened. I'm doing a quick rundown on a per month thing about what has happened to us during my hiatus.

I was still blogging towards the end. It was around my 34th week that I had stopped blogging for a reason (of course!). During one of those routine checkups, I was told by my doctor to start walking around so that I wouldn't have a hard time delivering naturally. I was more than thrilled! After being on bed rest for more than 20 weeks prior to that, it was such a relief to know that I've made it that far!

On my 36th week and 1/7days I had a weird spike in my blood pressure which I hadn't had before. My blood pressure throughout the first 36 weeks was around 100/60 or thereabouts. I was asked that afternoon to spend time in L&D to let my blood pressure go down. After an hour or so on the medication, it normalized and I was sent home. A few days after, I was rushed again to the L&D for my blood pressure was so high again. This time, I was told that I would be induced already. More on my birth story in another post soon. This was also the month that Leon had to be brought back to the NICU 9 days after birth due to severe jaundice brought about by our blood incompatibility.

November, December, January
Oh Gee! We survived our first holidays as a family! It was chaos. We had trips left and right. We celebrated our wedding anniversary too! I couldn't have been more perfect than the small family celebration we had. Mr. G, Leon and I went up north to the mountains and spent a few days there with my family.

The husband and I went on our honeymoon to Hong Kong. We shopped til our feet ached so much. We had to leave Leon with Mr. G's parents. I had a blast spending quality couple time with Mr. G. But my heart sorely missed Leon every second. I cried two times!!

So there my loves, I've quickly given a rundown of the months that had passed. I owe a few more stories in detail. Our birth story, Mr. Leon's NICU story, and why I needed to wean after 4months and 3weeks of breastfeeding.

Until the next post, which I promise will be very soon!


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