Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ooh the things

I've been running around lately... (ok, waddling!) ... doing last minute things before Leon is born. The things that I know I wouldn't have time to do once this cute squishy baby comes. Things like, oh yeah, changing my name in the insurance card. Updating my marital status for the government health card and for tax purposes. Changing billing addresses. My "ICOE" person. Fixing bank accounts and credit cards. Sigh. So much stuff. Glad to know though that I could come home to an almost finished nursery. More organized side of our room. And lots of new TV series I could look forward to.

That bathroom scene totally happened to us!! Hilarious! :)

Other things...

I'm going to be putting up an online store! I can't wait!! :) I'm still in the process of conceptualizing it though. But it most likely will be named after my sweet grandparents.


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