Monday, September 5, 2011

multi-tasking busy soon to be mom

five senses



voluspa candles

the name and the deliciously decorated jars speak for themselves. swoon. i want more. 


i was (before blogging) folding little onesies for my dear LEON, which i'm having a hard time with... how do you fold these little things? it's bad enough that i can't fold my own clothes perfectly much more little tiny ones.


my husband and i have been thinking of wall-mounting our tv and installing a few utility shelves to save some floor space. our little entertainment system is really taking up so much space. 



i was craving salmon sashimi last week... too bad i can't have it. i miss having it so much, i can taste it. today, i'm making salmon (cooked) avocado sushi.

Smoked salmon and avocado sushi

recipe {here}

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