Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Cooking...

Not that I'm bragging, but I am (as far as I know...) a good cook. I'm not trained or anything, I'm not a Masterchef either who can replicate recipes to the dot. I just happen to make good and yummy things in the kitchen often. To my knowledge, I've 2 cooking mishaps on my belt. One involving a Zabaglione about 5 years ago, and the latest one involving a Paella dish 2 days ago.

I'm now Paella sensitive...

My mom, to this date, reminds me of the Zabaglione incident every time I ask her to try out a newly discovered recipe or something that I invented from scratch. She goes, "Of course I'd try this, I ate the Zabaglione remember?" And she did eat the Zabaglione
even after I warned her not to. My eggs split in the last minute. That completely ruined it. That's how much she trusted me.

So, back to me being Paella sensitive... Back home, I have successfully cooked Paella from scratch. In fact, I've served Paella for Christmas lunches for 4 straight years. The first one was a success followed by the others. I had it under my belt. This time, it flopped. Not only did it flop, it FLOPPED BIG TIME. After two whole days of wondering why it flopped, I finally had the answer.

1. The rice wasn't the one we had back home. The rice grains I used (Jasmine longrains) just
couldn't absorb the broth well. It ended up dry and undercooked.

2. The pan didn't quite do the trick. You see, in my mom's house (where I still live, as per tradition, it is still common in my culture for unmarried single women to live with the parental units) We have this huge Paella pan, that cooked the rice evenly with the heat being distributed evenly in it's wide surface. I was stuck to cook my Sydney version in a cauldron because I was too lazy to look for a Paella pan.

So, enough about whinging on that. It's over. Or so I think... I cannot tolerate Paella jokes from my sister or B-I-L. It's a good thing the little bub isn't speaking much yet, because I really cannot take any Paella jokes anymore.


So now that that's out of my chest... let me share you some of my favorite cooking blogs and websites! =)

issue 51

I have to admit, I sometimes get hungry by just browsing through her books and magazines. I love how she takes simple recipes and makes it more easier for us cooky readers. I love her. Sigh. Her photos are simply mouthwatering enough to put me on the cooking mood. I sometimes secretly wish I could be her for a day. She's such a domestic diva! One could definitely get a lot of tips from her... Even a Masterchef! Heehee!

I started reading her blog ( Cannelle et Vanille ) about a year and a half ago when I was looking for the perfect dessert to whip up for Mr. G. Her food styling is impecable. I love how she takes normal market finds to magnificent delectable desserts.

I stumbled through her blog through one of my favorite photographers, Nicole Hill - Gerulat. Stephanie's life story inspired me so much to enjoy every moment with my loved ones and friends because what happened to her is simply tragic and yet life changing. She's a very strong woman, a loving wife, a patient and understanding mother, and all that I wish to be one day. Her blog Nienie Dialogues gave birth to her cooking blog CuisineNie where she share home made healthy recipes that she uses at home. When I'm craving for healthy, organic, and delish- I visit her. She's good for the heart, soul, and tummy! :)

Wow. I wrote a whole lot today. I'm surprised! I'm usually not that articulate. And all that writing made me so hungry. Time to whip myself something. Drop by my favorite cooks websites for what you can serve tonight to friends, or loved ones.


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  1. Oooh! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I made the Sweet Potato Red Curry Soup from Donna Hay latest issue - DEEEEEElicious and really, really easy.
    Found your blog through Pink & Green Day.


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