Monday, June 21, 2010

How do you do it?

I've finally arrived in Sydney after 15 hours worth of flights. From Manila to Hong Kong to Sydney... It was bumpy. I tried distracting myself by watching CSI/ and E! on the inflight TV. It was a very horrible flight as I try to remember it now. The worst one I've had to be exact. The optimist in me actually thought I'd sleep through the 8.5hour flight from Hong Kong to Sydney. BUT NO!! I was so freaking scared to even sleep. And when I got to sleep, I'd be woken up by terrible turbulence. Sigh. I was never so happy to have landed after that trip. And I'm a travel junkie... I love plane rides. It makes me feel so cultured. I love airports. I love love love traveling.

So, my dears HOW DO YOU DO IT? How do you travel? What do you wear? Do you wear comfy, uber comfy clothes? Or do you wear normal everyday clothes? Or do you wear something extra special? I basically travel looking like this...

I have a very big 25kg luggage checked in.

My Lug is my hand carry cabin luggage. It is home to my Mac Laptop and my cameras 1. Canon S90 2. Canon Eos 40d 3. My "PolaInstax and of course, my lenses Canon 85mm f1.8 USM and Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 I'm so lucky my B-I-L is a photo enthusiast too. I didn't need to bring a whole lot lenses for this trip.
My handbag (although it is large) is basically empty. It holds my travel documents, my wallets, my small flight friendly toiletries, and my phones (iPhone, Nokia N86, and Nokia E67) how complicated is my life? One phone for family, one phone for work and the other for my 1month australian number.

I couldn't find a link to the local designer for my coat. My wardrobe basically looked like this.

I'm not really gifted vertically. I'm only 5'1". I like traveling in wedges. It gives me that height boost so that I don't feel insecure to the towering australians, plus, it's comfy enough not like stilettos or anything. =)

So you, how do you do it?

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