Saturday, June 26, 2010

A girls best friend

Hi. I'm Lea, and I'm a jewelry addict.

I've always been on the lookout for all things shiny and shimmery. I love my jewelry and it really doesn't matter if it costs just under $20 or $200. I haven't really crossed the online shopping mark of over $200 and I plan to keep it that way.

Today, I stumbled on a very special website that sells meaningful jewelry. Each one you buy for someone (or perhaps, yourself!) has a little bit of story or message behind it. Here are a few out of the hundreds of wonderful stuff they have in store for us.

large gold dipped infinite love bracelet on scarlet leatherlight as a feather medium gold dipped  feather necklacefearless engraved word braceletgold dipped new mom necklace with mini karma ring, charcoal disco beadhappy birthday make a wish necklace with gold dipped wishbone on lavender
How gorgeous and meaningful are these? I love them so much. I might just buy the Infinite Love bracelet for myself tonight. I'm just really so in love with it. Visit their website for more fabulous finds.


  1. Gorgeous! Great finds. My favorite piece of jewelry is an old symbol necklace for the Three Sister Goddesses. It's a necklace I wear; one of my best friends found it and sent it to me and our other best friend. The three of us have had that symbol tattooed on our shoulders for years but to find the same thing in a necklace was just fabulous. We wear it all the time - it's sort of like having sister power right there with you always. :)

  2. I have bought from them and even though they are very cute, the quality is really low. My bracelet broke in less than a week... :(

  3. Oh drats! Thanks for giving me the heads up.


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