Friday, June 4, 2010

doilies and lace

I'm a big fan of all things doily and lace. I come from generations of women ahead of me whose main hobby includes sewing and crocheting things. From bags (even before The Sak made them), glass coasters, place mats, blankets, ponchos, and even dresses. Unfortunately, I wasn't the one from my generation who knows how to patiently make projects like they used to. Here are some that I wish I could have to remind me of those days.


  1. Yes, I can let you join in the giveaway since you'll be in Australia to receive as long as you have a delivery address? I'm now following you!! :-)

  2. My mom used to crochet things like these. Quite nice.

  3. I love lace! I also love owls too, so that necklace is so cute! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'll be following :)

  4. I have no talent in sewing or crocheting so I have always so much admired people who have expertise in this artwork. I have doilies that were handed down from generation to generation and I still use them. I love them. I have to say that blouse is stunning.


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